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Wilcox Operating Corporation is a privately held corporation and was incorporated as an oil and gas exploration and production company in 1983. The firm originated and is still headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Hall_Hargraves_No1Operations are focused within a manageable geographic locale in the Gulf Coast area. Current operations are located in the South Bob West Field in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas; the Waskom Field in northeast Texas; the Caddo Pine Island Field in northwest Louisiana; the East Hackberry Field in southwest Louisiana; oilfields in Natchez, Mississippi and the South Carlton Field in southwest Alabama.

Wilcox Operating enjoys excellent industry relationships with geologists, engineers, geophysicists, and oilfield service companies who possess specialized knowledge of each of these areas.

Wilcox Operating Corporation’s primary activities are oil and gas exploration and acquisition of existing oil and gas production. Most of Wilcox’s exploratory prospects are selected in known producing areas that have significant geological information available as well as data from existing oil and gas wells. By researching and analyzing known producing areas, Wilcox is able to identify lower risk drilling prospects that many times offset very successful wells. Once a quality prospect is identified, Wilcox will attempt to acquire a mineral lease for the exploratory acreage. If successful, Wilcox will then fund the test well with a combination of funds from Wilcox Operating Corporation, industry partners and private individuals.

rudd_no4In addition to exploration, Wilcox Operating Corporation also makes strategic acquisitions of producing oil and gas properties. Some acquisitions present an opportunity for continuing the development and drilling of an existing field. Others may present an opportunity to rework existing non-producing wells to get them back into production, or to increase the daily production from existing wells.

A lean and efficient management structure enables Wilcox Operating to react more rapidly to multiple return exploration and acquisition opportunities than larger independents working with higher administrative overhead and slower decision-making processes.